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Introducing SRL Solar PLUS®

A portable traffic system using solar technology.

Giving you the green light for a sustainable solar solution.

The arrival of SRL Solar PLUS® signals a major move forward in sustainable traffic management.

A portable traffic system using solar technology, it has the potential to reduce battery exchanges for months at a time whilst reducing power usage and emissions, making traffic management more sustainable and better managed.

Looking after the planet. And your people too.

In a world where everything has to become far greener, the SRL Solar PLUS® traffic system enables you to make a positive difference to the planet. Available to hire it can be easily retrofitted to our existing systems, increasing sustainability, cutting your expenses and greatly reducing roadside risk.

Rugged and robust, SRL’s Solar PLUS® has been road tested to deliver results.

With the addition of sustainability tracking,
SRL’s telematics just got even smarter.

The advanced visibility of our telematics software means we’re way out in front when it comes to fleet monitoring. This small communications device sits neatly in the signal box, with an easy-to-use dashboard which enables you to check battery charge levels, monitor your assets’ exact locations and check system functionality. And now, with the introduction of SRL Solar PLUS®, we’ve made a good thing, even better.

Telematics. Helping you maintain your sustainability.

For the launch of SRL Solar PLUS®, we’ve updated and improved our telematics software with an ingenious feature which enables you to precisely monitor solar sustainability and battery performance. It gives you a real time overview of battery status, how much solar energy the system has generated and 24 hours’ notification if the battery is running out, enabling you to rectify the situation, in good time. Be one of the first to discover the pluses of SRL Solar PLUS®.

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